Daily Ramblings - Monday, September 22nd

We have completed our visit to the Tuamotu Islands.  The last two days we’ve been anchored at Fakarava.  It is a little known outpost for adventurous divers and a beautiful coral island that drops off to thousands of feet deep on the other side of the reef.The fishing was so so until the evening when we lit the underwater lights at the back deck and hung chum.  The shark fishing was thrilling.  Most of us, including the crew, caught a shark... not large –  15 – 35 pounds – but it was so much fun.  Berkley Gulp Squids did not interest the shark in the least.  We had to use frozen squid.  Pure Fishing needs to get shark in the lab and do some research!Tom did three dives.  The third was in the pass between two islands where the tides rip.  The coral is prolific and stunningly colorful.  Sharks were plentiful as were reef fish of every color and shape.  During the dive Tom drifted out with the tide and then back in as the tide shifted.Molly got a work out on a kayak.  You have to paddle with and against the winds and the tides.  This adventure followed her daily palates  workout.  She is striking already, yet determined to be buff as well!Departing around 4:30 we are headed to Moorea, Tahiti – a 24 hour crossing.  Hopefully it will not be too rough.  By the way, you can find where we are anytime on www.purplefinder.com.  Our user name is majorwagercrew and our password is mwcrew.