How We Got Here

How the Heck Did We Get to This Point?

If you're wondering how we ever came up with this crazy idea of sailing the South Pacific, here's the story straight from us...

When ten year old Tom read Thor Heyerdahl's, Kon-Tiki his intrigue with the South Pacific began. And as visits to New Zealand, Tahiti, Hawaii and Alaska all included tales of Captain James Cook, intrigue turned into a dream to circumvent the Pacific, re-living much of the adventures of the 18th Century explorers. But turning this dream into a reality required a major endeavor (by the way also the name of Captain Cook's first ship).

Early in their courtship Tom gifted Molly a leather skirt of minimal proportions, which modest Molly politely decline to wear. The ever risk taking Tom challenged his soon to be wife with the dare, “If you will get on stage with Joe Cocker during our wedding donning the skirt, I will gift you a beach house anywhere in the world you desire!” Just before Joe broke into his famous version of "You Can Leave Your Hat on!" Molly walked on stage, gave Joe a hug and announced to our guests that she had just won the Major Wager. Peace Adventures was born.

Major Wager was acquired in May 2008, redecorated by Molly and our friend Melissa Webber, upgraded by our fabulous crew and departed for the Panama Canal and the South Pacific the end of July. You can follow our adventures on this website

Major Wager departs Fiji in the middle of June destined for Hawaii and onto Vancouver. We are looking forward to spending late August and September exploring the salmon infested waters of Alaska.

Then head south to the west coasts of Central Amercia for November and December when the fishing is at its best.