The Crew

Major Wager is far more than a boat, it is a lifestyle…a unique culture of adventure, new experiences, outrageous services and non-stop choices among recreation and relaxation. All of this made possible by an incredible crew. Obviously dedicated to safety first, the crew enables an experience you will remember forever.

We would like to introduce you to our Major Wager Crew…

Captain: Walter Rowan
Interests: Collecting antique charts and postcards
Favorite color: Green
Lives in Florida with his wife Susan when not sailing the world. He has been a ship’s captain for over 28 years, and also has a daughter named Kate who is attending college.

First Officer: Jeremy Stevens

1st Officer Jeremy Stevens hails from Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina and has been working in the yachting industry for four and a half years.  After graduating from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with degrees in business and communications, he spent a winter season in Snowbird, Utah, before pursuing his passion for a life on the sea.  His travels have taken him throughout the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Eastern and Western Europe, and most recently, Central America and the South Pacific.  In his time away from the vessel, Jeremy enjoys wake-boarding, kite surfing, diving, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with his family in Ocean Isle Beach, and he is ambitious to reach the Captain’s position aboard a luxury yacht.   Jeremy also plans on developing his own sailing discovery program in the Caribbean, providing under-privileged children the opportunity to experience the ocean and all of its treasures.

Boson: Stephen Ward

Stephen Ward hails from the Gold Coast of Australia. After graduating from the prestigious Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School he achieved success in high end hospitality progress to bar manager of the 5 star Versace Hotel and then opening his own restaurant.  Stephen then felt the need to spread his wings, having owned boats his whole life and worked on commercial fishing boats, yachting seemed the logical choice. Stephen spent the last 3 years on a charter boat working the Caribbean and Mediterranean where he progressed to Boson. Stephen's interests include fishing, diving, windsurfing, surfing and spearfishing. Stephen runs the fishing program and will gladly help with any water sports.

Deckhand: Alex Stevenson

Alex currently resides in the Florida Keys, but considers himself a bit of a snowbird usually moving back to the mountains every few years.  Although this is the first position aboard a luxury yacht, he has been working in the marine industry for over seven years.  Alex joined Major Wager prior its transit through the Panama Canal and considers himself an outdoor enthusiast with interests such as diving, spearfishing, skiing, and snowboarding.  For Alex, working aboard the Major Wager fulfills so much more than his career goals, giving him the opportunity of a world of experiences and satisfying his lust for travel.


Engineer: Clint Walrath

Clint grew up in Prince George B.C., where the unofficial motto is “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here!”  Itchy feet moved him to the other side of Canada where, unbeknownst to him, fate was to step in and lead him on his life (Peace?) adventure.  Almost eleven years later he has enjoyed more of the world then he had ever dreamed of, and met the girl of his dreams as well.  His story on making his way into yachts is too long to mention here, but if you have the time and are buying the Canadian Cocktails (rye and dry) he’d be happy to fill you in.  He considers himself very lucky in life, and is” just happy to be here”.  In a couple of years he hopes that he and Jules will have a house back on the West Coast of Canada overlooking the Ocean where they can spend their precious time off, and hopefully he can keep on fishin’, nurturing his fledgling photography hobby, try golfing, and keep on keepin’ on…

Chef: Paul Stevens

Paul hails from Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.  His passion for food and cooking started at a very young age while helping his grandmother Avis Stevens make desserts.  His first job in the food industry was as a dishwasher at a deli at the age of 12 as a summer job. He worked his way up the ranks while a teenager and later while attending Elon College. For the last 7 years Paul has been traveling and working as a chef on luxury yachts. In his spare time he enjoys golf, fishing, live music, and photography.


Chief Stewardess: Julie Scott

Jules was born and brought up in the 'bonny' borderlands of Hawick in the Scottish borders.  Growing up in a small town with very strong values and beliefs ingrained such as, 'a day spent out of Hawick was a day wasted', she never actually thought she'd be able to escape the endearing yet somewhat debilitating camaraderie of the town.  Jules eventually took the plunge and moved to the Capital city of Edinburgh to take a position within a hotel as receptionist.  But after a year or so, realized that there was so much more to offer than life behind a desk and ventured even farther to Manchester England, where she graduated with a degree in Retail Marketing. With the same mindset of most graduates, she wanted to travel and see the world, before hunkering down in the career field.  After a random meeting with someone who was in the yachting industry, was bewitched by the idea of life at sea and flew to Antibes, South of France in the hope that a Captain would take pity on her and give her a chance at Stewardessing!  I guess someone did as she is still here 7 years later!!  Having had a very sheltered and simple upbringing (which is a far cry from the life she thoroughly enjoys today) Jules couldn't be more grateful for being on board the Peace Adventure with such awesome crew and most wonderful owners!!

Stewardess: Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor has joined us from Sydney,  Australia. It was here that she completed a Media and Communications degree at the University of New South Wales in 2007. Growing up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches embedded within her a strong love of the beach, ocean and outdoors. Her desire to travel, and explore the world lead her to yachting - her 8 years of hospitality experience also made the decision an easy one! During her down time, Emma enjoys listening to music, reading and hanging out at the beach.


Stewardess: Kim Lyle

After reading too many adventure novels, one morning Kim woke up and decided she wanted to work on a boat.  Not too long after that, she joined the Major Wager crew family, which she feels very lucky about.  Growing up like a nomad, she doesn't know exactly where she hails from.  It might be somewhere between Alabama, Panama, Japan, Germany and Florida.  All she really knows is how to move around, making life on a boat a perfect fit.  Kim has a degree in both Art and Psychology.  After college, she was more confused and spent the past year and a half working as a waitress.  With those funds, she travelled around America to make art, meet people and learn something.  Right now, she couldn't be more happier at sea.  Kim likes eating mangoes, reading biographies and taking pictures, but not all at the same time!  Kim dislikes staying still and having pictures taken of her!!