Daily Ramblings - Saturday September 20

We are just beginning to get our sea legs when it comes to a website.  Please bear with us.  Over the next few weeks we will get proficient at posting pictures of fish catches, beach visits and humorous happenings along the way of our Peace Adventure.

We happily arrived in Papeete, Tahiti on Tuesday, September 16th.  The Intercontinental Beachcomber Hotel is paradise on Tahiti’s main island…which is otherwise an urban tourist souvenir shop that disappoints the anticipation of the romantic and glorious Tahitian Islands.

After Tom stopped at a local barber shop for his first buzz cut in decades and Molly found a string of black pearls we loaded our 350 pounds of supplies aboard a commuter flight to the Tuamotu Islands and joined the crew on Major Wager. Our anticipation was at its height and it was well compensated.

Day one we began the day fishing in a pass where the ocean moves at 8 knots in a froth of activity… the fish sitting on the edge awaiting the arrival of food and our lures.  And we began settling in to our home for the next many months.  Molly has already established the regiment of early morning work outs.  Tom missed day one for the fishing, but was attentive day two as Mr. Happy will only be disciplined through rigorous exercise with the incredible food Master Chef Martha keeps putting in front of us.

Day two was not as productive with the fishing, but our “Love Me Tender” Grady White fishing boat is incredible.  It tackles the waves with ease and provides every fishing equipment feature you can imagine.  We are thrilled with the boat Eddie Smith and his team have designed – it makes fishing in high seas as well as shallow lagoons a dream.And we found the “Blue Lagoon”…an amazing circle of coral reef and coconut  grove atolls surrounding a calm shallow waters.  We waded through black tip sharks to get to the lagoon and dodged thousands of sea “cucumber” slugs as we waded looking for coconut crabs and hoping for bone fish. This afternoon we participated in our re-orientation for scuba diving.

Tomorrow will be our first outing in the Blue Lagoon.We are about to head to dinner, but first must turn on the underwater lights to attract the fish under the boat.  With all of the sharks in the area it could be interesting. Stay tuned…