Saturday, November 9th to Sunday, November 16th

We flew from Vava’u to Nuku’alofa and on to Auckland.  Spent the night and proceeded to Sydney for the week.  It was interesting re-emerging into city life after so many weeks at sea. Of course, Sydney Harbor is spectacular; and the city delightful. We stayed in the Rocks District, ate, drank and loved the shopping on George Street. Catching a couple movies and having television in our hotel room brought us back into the modern day world…making us question why we are concerned about so many things that seem inconsequential while fishing and diving in the South Pacific.

We reunited with our Pure Fishing Australia Leadership Team:  Phillip Coles, John Bell, John Gould and their wives. It was fun reminiscing and catching up on the fishing business.

With two additional suitcases and a new Gretsch Country Gentleman Guitar we flew to Noumea, New Caledonia and re-joined Major Wager and the crew.  It is nice to be home!!!!!!