Daily Ramblings - Wednesday, November 26th to Saturday, November 29th

Wow!  We are too tired to type. The excitement for living in kids is amazing. 

We were up at 5:00 AM throwing large poppers for Giant Trevalis. Riley scored a beautiful Bluefin Trevali.  The coral reefs stole several from us. On a later trip Anna caught a Yellow Fin. And we found a pod of porpoises which swam about the boat for a spell.

The dives and snorkeling were magnificent – Isle of Pines is rich in healthy coral and well fed reef fish. Yes, we saw shark and black and white stripped sea snakes and the most incredible colorful clams.

Gary became known as Gary McManatee…and was honored with the worlds biggest snuggy. Of course he repaid Tom in revenge…and Finley hid in fear of repercussions.

Talent night included incredible singing by Josie, piano by Anna and Tom, chicken sounds by Jeremy, big lips by Katie, erotic dancing by Sylvie, and poetry by Gary, Eric and Anna. The highlight was Anna demonstrating the ability to taste the different colors of M&Ms blindfolded.  She never missed.

Thanksgiving dinner was the traditional feast…a 30 pound turkey with all of the fix’ns. Wow can Martha cook!

Of course we had a tattoo party...almost everyone is sporting body art.

And the water sports continued.  Riley challenged the crew to a “Chief of the Banana” contest. Slippery monkey Jeremy won…with Riley a close second.

We threw out two lures from the big boat while heading back to Noumea from the Isle of Pines and Cam landed a Mahi Mahi.

We cannot recapture all of the activity and fun that was spent this past week.  What a thrill it has been to have Gary McManatee, Marilyn, Anna, Finley, Josie, Riley, Kelly and Eric on board. Not only are they dear friends but exhausting playmates. We were truly sad with their departure this morning at an early 5:30 AM.  We celebrated with a nap!