Daily Ramblings - Christmas 2008

A day ahead of our North American family and friends, we are celebrating Christmas.  What a delight to share the joys of living and the love for one-another on this most special day of the year.

This is a time for appreciation of all others…of giving; not just of presents, but love and gratefulness for each other.  Life would be nothing were it not for each of you in our lives.

It is special to be with Bucky, RA, Ren and Ben and Ciara on this day.  And to be celebrating with our crew of Very wonderful people, Marissa, Tater, Walter, Kate, Cam, Jeremy, Katie, Mark and Martha.  They are away from their families and we hope we have helped make this a special day for each of them.

So we wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  We try to live in Peace and set a Peaceful example.  We hope so wantingly for Peace for all humankind.

Molly and Tom