Daily Ramblings - December 31, 2008

Dear Friends,

We have just completed 3 ½ incredible months aboard the Major Wager.  We are en-route to United States for a couple months to reconnect with family and friends and be grounded a bit. Hopefully life will allow us to rejoin the boat in the South China Sea in mid March.

The Captain and Crew have departed PNG for Cairns, Australia. The Major Wager will undergo two months of refitting, repainting the hull, tidying up everything and getting prepared for Chapter II of the Peace Adventure.  The Crew is looking forward to a much deserved break.

Over the last 4 months the boat has covered over 15,000 miles, hosted over fifty guests, taken hundreds of fishing outings, dozens of dives, hundreds of meals, thousands of refreshments…it has been an Adventure!

The new friends we have made in the new places we have visited will always be cherished.  The experiences are etched in our memories.  The opportunity for the two of us to share such an experience is beyond our life expectation and we are enormously grateful to all who have made this possible.

We will not be updating the website until we re-board Major Wager in middle March.  You can reach Molly at mollybee25@hotmail.com and Tom at twbedell@peacestation.com.

We are amazed that our website has experienced over 30,000 hits.  We hope you have enjoyed our tales and photos.  It has been fun sharing our Adventure.

We wish everyone a glorious New Year.  2009 is full of hope and promise…it is up to us to make it so.

Molly and Tom