Candid Photos of Our Crew

We have been blessed with an incredible crew. They not only provide safety and six star service...but are our friends and playmates. We hope you enjoy the following photos of them in the South Pacific.

Captain Walter with Tahitian dancers

Engineer Mark having the time of his life!

Master Chef Martha catching a shark in the Tuamotu Islands

Cam snorkeling with the stingrays and black tip sharks

Walter and Cam with a shark in the Tuamotu's

Our crew: Kate, Cameron, Katie, Jeremy, Jana, Walter, Martha, Mark and James

Jeremy and the sharks

Cam with the stingrays

Jeremy the shark

Walter at the luau in Moorea


Fisherman Cam

Cam catching the big one

Jana and James taking a break

Master Chef Martha

Katie and Walter briefing guests

Jeremy giving safety demonstration

Engineer Mark

First Stew, Katie

Jeremy getting ready for a dive


Jana and Martha



Cam going native!

Nurse Jeremy with her carved Halloween watermelon

Sumo Tater!

The crew Halloween night!

Dr. Walter and Nurse Jeremy

Sheik Mark

Walter with guest John at the Princess's House in Vava'u

Automatic Pilot!

What's going on?

If Tater could just land a fish?

Chief Walter

Walter's birthday...kidnapped!

"What am I getting into?"

"Will I ever get the big one?"

Tater still trying to catch a fish!

Cam and Kate at a Tonga feast

After two cups of Kava

Martha's Halloween paella



Yahoo, Wahoo!

Jana, Kate and the stingray!

Jeremy feeding Gulp! to the stingray!

"Don't touch me!"

Mark wakeboarding

Wagerettes:  Katie, Kate, Jana and Martha

Katie catching her first Skip Jack!





Kate landing a fish

Double hook up

We hoped it was a Marlin; turned out to be a large shark

Mark also fighting a shark

And a shark enjoyed Kate's catch!