New Caledonia Pictures by Eric Hoien

"Cagou" the indigenous flightless bird and national symbol of New Caledonia

Flightless flowers too...

New Caledonia bird of paradise

New Caledonia Penal Colony site

Finley trying out French justice...

New Caledonia Hibiscus

Pineapples at the local market

"Kanak" guide from the Oua de Tom tribe explaining tribal "Case" (meeting house)

Banana flower

Josie and banana leaves

Tjibaou Cultural Centre pays tribute to native Kanak culture and is named after the man that created the treaty between the French and natives

Ana and Marilyn sporting local flora

Resort off the coast of the main island of New Caledonia

Island, reef and the main island of New Caledonia

Noumea, New Caledonia

Finley drives

Ready for takeoff

Check that Josie...

Finley and Molly ready for blast off...Finley drives again.

Riley feeling the need for speed.

Kanak native dancing

Kanak native dancing

The Chief does the lead chanting...

Ready for a quick ride

Josie after snorkeling...

Isle of Pines tubing

Squid caught and ready for night fishing