More Fiji Girl's Trip Photos - June 2009

Our friend Evan Boenning asked Carol to send a "thong" shot. Evan, here it is! Tom was in China so he had this heart created for me out of coconuts! My hands are shaped like a heart back to you TB with love! Tom wanted to make sure we saw the "entire" Fiji Islands so he arranged for a little tour.  

These are shots of the reefs, small islands and our takeoff and landing points!

Annie, life is good!

Carol poised as always

This was the only time we could "corral" us all together!

Emma made these awesome placemats for our birthday brunch Small hermit crabs on the beach    

You know I think the Rolling Stones are actually looking much younger!

  Jeremy did not like our idea of dress up! Keith Richards is alive and living in Fiji! Tater brought some light reading to the beach - War & Peace!

...and another thing...Ginny loves to chat

The captain has lost control. Does the crew ever work?

Babe shots!

Living the Life of Riley

Susan and Annie

Lunch on the beach, fresh lobster caught this morning

Flower along the beach. Check out little insect just above.

Kristin is just the best listener!

Swimming with giant manta rays. Hard to get shots but the guide says these were up to 3-4 meters wide.

Good help is getting harder to find!