Juneau, Alaska - August 2009


Three to five cruise ships arrive a day. At the end of the cruising season 1/2 the stores close for the winter.

We docked our boat where the small blue boat sits

Alaska Molly

Juneau International Airport

Mom, Elinor, arrives

Engineer Mark captured this scene

Approaching Juneau

Alaska's Capitol - Juneau

Sami and Ellie

RA, Elinor, Berk and Art - sightseeing for icebergs and glaciers

Mom, Gail

Dad, Art and Molly

Major Wager in the ice fields


Our Aussie and Kiwi crew - never seen anything like this before. Emma, Tammy, Steve and Tater

Floating icebergs

An amazing glacier

RA, King of the 11:00 breakfast!

Beautiful ice

Ice fields

Mother Nature wears many outfits

Great Grandma Elinor and baby Ellie

Ellie driving the boat with Molly B



Ellie and Sami

The Grady White amongst the icebergs

"I signed up for the South Pacific" said Steve

Tracy Arm Glacier shots

Our Tender is 33 feet long and you can see the scale of this iceberg in the background.

Chef Deano

Engineer Mark

Sami and Ellie

The Happy Couple - Art and Gail

Berk, Molly and Elinor

Alaska Ellie

Dad on a Halibut

Dad's catch

This cod ate both Dad and Tom's bait. We both thought we had a big fish on as we were fighting each other!

Dad must have brought in over 25 Pinks!

Dad, with guide Rich

Every other cast a fish bit

Alaska nights