Ladies Trip to Nassau - April 2010


Jeremy, Chef Paul, Steve-O, and Alex at Nobu in Nassau

Ladies trip in Nassau

Val and Ginny

Cindy and Steve's birthday surprise party

Steve was Prince for a night

Party night - luau style

Cut the cake!

Ginny and Kimmie doing jello shots

Mary and Ginny at Camp Driftwood


Hot tubbing after a long kayak and snorkel day

Kimmie's famous Pina Coladas

Hawkeye Beer Pong Night

Slider night

Mary is washing the sand off my feet, as it should be!

Me and Mary - one of the happy hours!

Lovely dinner, it was a green theme

Motown - dancing in the streets night, or Aft Deck as it were

Famous swimming pigs of Staniel Cay

Nothing's too good for our pigs!!!

James Bond Thunderball was filmed in this area

The cave shot in the movie. A living aquarium of fish.

Yes, the water really is this color!

Theme night for dinner.

Some guests received the memo about theme night..

...and others didn't.

Klint and Ginny Sue

I can't believe this is my fiancee, what happened!!

And the laughter continues

Ginny and Jeremy discuss how It is All About Walter!

Jules, Kimmie, Ginny, Annie, and lovely Emma! Ladies Night at the Atlantis

Another strange sign in Nassau

Clint and Jules at Atlantis

Cindy and Ginny - not sure about the doo Gin

Kimmie serving up yet another yummy cocktail

Despite the great meals, Ginny shaved off #s