New Caledonia - November 21, 2008

Arriving in Noumea, New Caledonia with the new Gretsch Country Gentleman Guitar Molly bought Tom for Christmas

Welcoming the Hoien's and Vos's at the Noumea airport

Finley, Kelly and Riley

Noumea market

Tom's first catch in New Caledonia - a Wahoo

Marilyn and Anna

Kids are so much fun

More fun

Riley wakeboarding

Finley wakeboarding

Cam wakeboarding

Jeremy landing a flip

Molly on the bed Matthew McConaughay slept on in the movie Fool's Gold

We surprised the group with a helicopter ride

Gary, Riley and Eric

Ladies turn

Take off

"Thanking the Heavens"

World's Youngest Pilot

That was a ride...

Pina Coladas

After Pina Coladas!

Molly and Finley

Josie, Finley and Anna

Riley in the Nuclear Turbo Tube

46 pounds of fight'n, scream'n, wakeboard'n!

Cam, our instructor!

Yes, Cam does know how to ride!


Got Air?

Gals spa day!

Marilyn, cool as a cucumber

Pedicures are wonderful

Foot massages

Josie and Anna giving facials

Anthony Hopkins has nothing on Kelly!

Kelly painted everyone's toes

Kelly's art - beautiful toes!

Tom and the kids

Kelly, Josie and Anna

Isle of Pines haunted forest!

Pines in the Isle of Pines

Finley catching bait fish

Beach set up!

Scooters for snorkeling and diving

Josie's swimsuit top caught in the scooter -- and it is against the law to go topless in New Caledonia!

Eric hooked up!

Nice fish!

Riley's hooked up!

We're talking a major catch!

Eric and Riley finish their certification; Tom and Gary share a dive