Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia - April 2009

Marc Paris joined us from Rezzato, Italy to photograph Major Wager and a day in the life of our team in Raja Ampat

Drying fish

Evening in a fishing village

Laundry day

Fishing house

The sea and the islands are stunning

Our Yamaha Wave Runners parked at the beach

Would you like a massage?

Chef Dean cooking on the beach

Captain Walter awaiting dinner on the beach

Tom on the beach

We hired a helicopter to help us with pictures of the boat

Major Wager

Boating in Sorong Harbor

And another

The market in Sorong

Fresh vegetables

Fresh fruits

Chili peppers anyone?

Minnows for dinner?

Fish market

Reef fish


Parrot fish

KFC is popular in Indonesia. The crew feasted for lunch.

BBQ fish on a stick

Photographer Marc Paris entertaining in Yenbeser village

Tom headed to a dive

An overloaded boat

The scenery is incredible above and below the water

Kate after a snorkel

Dean rated the dive a #10+

A perfect beach

Another perfect beach

And, yet, another perfect beach

The scenery is amazing here off Batanme Island

Local fisherman

A fishing family is living in this cave

We are in the district of Misool, off Batanme Island, Indonesia - just off the west coast of New Guinea

Each little island is surrounded by coral

Another amazing diving spot

Sunset in Misool

The islands are stunning



The camera just kept going

Areas looked almost like the Needles in the Black Hills

Cam and Tom fishing. We caught a Spanish Mackerel which provided Sashimi witin the hour

Our dive spot

Major Wager

Major Wager

A neighboring dive boat

Kate caught a barracuda

Cam caught a coconut

Easter Sunday, Tom handed out Easter eggs to village kids

They had no idea who we were or why we were giving out chocolate eggs

The village playground

Easter Sunday