Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

The photos below are described in more detail in our Daily Ramblings from March 29 and March 31, 2009.

Our incredible

grandbaby Ellie!

Sami and Ellie

Kelly and Ellie

Molly and Ellie

Proud Pops with

Ren and Bucky

Visiting Dad in Florida

Molly and Mom

Ski Dudes in Aspen

Designing Guitars

Rejoining Major Wager

in Sorong, Indonesia

A beautiful fishing village

Sorong, Indonesia

The crystal clear water and coral are incredible

Exploring a lagoon

Max, the owner of

Papua Diving joined

us as our guide

Papua villagers

Max and Captain Walter sharing lunch between dives

Heading to a dive. First Mate Jeremy is thrilled North Carolina is in the Final Four.

Bosun Cam looking for Manta Rays. We hoped to swim with them.

Searching for

Manta Rays

Max guiding us through the coral reefs.

The sea was amazingly calm.

Chef Dean and Jeremy

Dolphino was our dive guide for our third dive

Cam and I went fishing

All we caught was a Barracuda

The number and

variety of fish here is unbelievable

This is the Chief

of the local village of

Papua we visited

The village kids playing

Children in the village

In front of the village

town hall

The village church

Village school

The people of the village

A coconut fell from the tree just behind these boys and missed them by inches

The Chief's Grandson

The village is spotless

Main Street

Max with his new ultra-light float airplane