Fishing in the South Pacific 2008

Our "Love Me Tender" Grady White Canyon 336 with dual Yamaha 350 4 strokes. It is the ideal set up for fishing and diving in the South Pacific.

We hope you enjoy this photo collection of our fishing in the South Pacific.

Rebecca lands a Yello Tail

Fly fishing, Andy, learns the thrill of ocean sized fights

Gusta's first ocean fish fight

Gusta lands a Yello Tail

Andy and his Skippy

Tater's first catch

Martha's shark in the Tuamotu's

Captain Walter and Cam with a shark

Excitement on deck

Hazel's first catch - a Skippy

Molly's first catch

When you can't catch a fish...settle for a frozen turkey!

Pat's hook up

Val shows JR how it's done

Molly getting ready

Of course Molly released it

Den's Mahi Mahi

Jan's tuna

Peg's Wahoo

Mike's Skippy

Tom's were so tiny he couldn't let us capture a photo

Fishing Master, Cam...getting us a bait fish!

Baiting up for Marlin

Derek and Den deliver a double!

Den gets a Yellow Fin

Tom's still trying

Fish ON!

It was a big day for catching Yellow Fin

Bruce caught this one for Will

John's Yellow Fin

A huge Marlin came flying out of the water less than 20 yards behind the boat, swallowed John's Skippy he was retrieving, and John screamed "What the ---- do I do now?"


Rebecca in the fight

Molly coaching



Fish ON, Gusta

Triple Yellow Fin hook up

The spoils

Yahho. Wahoo.

Marking fighting a large shark!

A shark ate Kate's catch

We thought it was a Marlin...turned into a shark!

Double hook up - Cam and Kate

Katie's catch