Photos - Sepik River April 2009

We arrived in Wewak to make preparations for going up the Sepik River

Alois Mateos was our host and guide in Wewak

Jim, our anthropologist; Peter, our river captain, joined us in Wewak

We bought old newspapers to wrap the Sepik artifacts we plan to acquire

This is our river Captain Peter's wife, children and home. A contrast to the boat he will command for the next week.

Jim bought a VCR of a movie on the Sepik River. Not having a VCR player on board, we bought one for $30 at this store. We are waiting for the Chinese owner to bring it.

Selling the beetle nut which most people in PNG enjoy

The local beetle nut market

A family coming to a village market

Before entering the Sepik River we visited Watam village, it's market day

They were preparing for a Sing-Song, a native dance for their ancestors. 16 men line up under this dragon like figure and dance around a fire

These old drums are used to call people and deliver messages, like a Morse Code

The village is clean and spacious

Their homes

Friendly villagers

Waiting to sell us wood carvings

We found an old steering oar

A mask to bring luck fishing

A mask to honor ancestors

This was market day at Watam village

Selling beetle nut

After entering the Sepik River we visited Kopar village

Captain Peter and Kopar Village Chief

Village homes

Carved steps up to the village "Men's House"

My new friend

And his friend

Tracy and Jim

The leader of the village Sing-Sing

Sing-Sing head-dresses

Sing-Sing dragon like figure

Sing-Sing mask

Carving tools

Building a canoe

Just back from the market

Fish caught in the Sepik

Village artifacts

Kids canoeing

Their playground

Making sand castles

Motoring up the Sepik River

Villages along the river

Kids swimming


Everyone has a canoe

Tammy and the villagers

The local market

Angoram Police Station

Water lilies

Life circumstances

Beetle nut stand

Road to Peter's farm

Peter is left of Tom, next to him, Jim

Collecting rubber from the rubber trees

Collecting the rubber

Checking out an ebony tree

This 150 year old Rosewood tree is about to fall down. Peter plans to sell it to Tom to build guitars.

The rosewood tree is huge

We ran into Captain Peter's brother in Angoram village

The following day we returned to the forest to film the fallen ebony tree, the cut down red cedar and the rosewood tree. Jim directed the shooting and Tammy was the camera person.

The Angoram market was amazing

A headdress worn by a bride during her wedding. This was the one the woman in the picture wore in her wedding.

She is proud to be the only wife of her husband. Many men have multiple wives.

The wood carvings are incredible.

This storyboard tells of the wedding feast day. First he had to carve the board out of a tree, then carve the storyboard.

Jim took notes on each piece we acquired. Who the artist is, their village and the story of the art

Our new store in Aspen will be full of fascinating items - Two Old Hippies - opening middle of June

A beautiful sculpture

Kids along the river

We attended a Sing-Sing in Kambaramba village

All ages participated

Amazing costumes


Playing flutes

Everyone participated

The crew joining in the fun

The kids loved it all

Kate and Cam

Tammy and Tater

Britney Spears made it to the Sepik

The man who arranged the Sing Sing, Jim, Tom and Captain Peter

A homemade ukelele

Splitting the Sago Palm

The Sago Palm fiber after it is scrapped out of a tree. Then it is soaked in water and squeezed through a cheese cloth and dried. It makes a paste which is the staple of the diet of the Sepik.