Photos - Sitka, Alaska September 2009

Everyone on board

Geoff and Mike

Tom and Mike

Netting the Coho

Steve holding up the Link Cod caught by Tom

Tom holding up the baby cod he caught soon after

This is the holding pens for the trapped silvers

Mike's catch

The fisherman!

Gary, the fly angler

Netting boat

Dewski's catch!


It's the first morning without rain - YEAH!

Gary and Geoff arrive in Sitka

Gary, Geoff and Tom boarding sea plane to pop over Baranov Island

Sitka, Alaska

Fishing guide Steve and Geoff


Geoff in pursuit


Steve - Fish on

Nice fish

The scenery is beautiful


The Fisherman

We thought Chozey had a halibut

The Alaska fishing team

Chozey and Geoff

You should see the poor bear!

Chozey and Hoiensky

Hiking through the rain forest

Tom falls into the river in pursuit of the fish

The Iowa team

The mad chef after we invaded the galley