Vanuatu - May 2009

Arriving in Port Vila International Airport in Vanuatu - May 16th

Steve and Kathy Zumbach joined us from Des Moines, Iowa

Mike and Lori Knotts also joined us from Peace Ranch in Basalt, CO

After 36 hours of traveling, we were ready for Major Wager

Of course, we were welcomed with local music

Mitch and Lori on Love Me Tender as we go to meet Major Wager anchored in the harbor

Jeremy answering questions. Steve wanting to drive the boat.

The crew anxiously awaiting the new adventurers

Arriving at camp for the week

First night out, Lori catches the first fish!

It's a Blue Runner

Mitch hooks-up

It's a baby Skip Jack. In the bait box, Lori's fish eats Mitch's!

Steve's completely forgotten about his clients

Lori getting ready for a Wave Runner ride

Kathy loving a day at the beach

Ain't no cowboy, no more

Life is good

Vanuatu is incredible!

Playing on the beach

Cooking on the beach

Next day - Monday - we fished around a volcanic island

Steve forgot all about his clients

Kathy hooks up!

It's a Mahi Mahi!

Lori and Mitch

Kathy and Steve

Visiting Ranon Village

The wood carvings are magnificent. This statue is also a drum used to send messages to other villages

Their homes are simple

Their children adorable

Their lives - subsistence

Laundry day

The kitchen

Molly sharing peace!

Basket weaving

Village elders

The only village shop

Wood carving

Kathy and Steve acquire a wood carving from Rueben Wormor; age 43; Ranon Village

Molly and Tom purchase this carving for their Two Old Hippies store from carver Rueben Wormor

The local spirit house

We visited the kindergarten. Steve led us in singing "Jesus Love Us" for the kids

We acquired this carving from Linneth R. Ricksox from Ranon Village

And this carving from Lewison Luke from Ranon North Village

On Tuesday afternoon we hiked an hour straight up into the jungle to Fanla Village. I was breathing too hard in the heat of the mid-day to take photos during the hike - but it was spectacular jungle!

The Spirit House in Fanla Village

The villagers performed an incredible dance for us

It was filled with rhythms and energy...and exotic costumes

Steve forgot all about his clients!

Mitch and Lori bounded up the trail and delighted in the local villagers

They carried a young boy using only tree leaves

The Chief played the flute

The kids loved watching it all

And sand art was demonstrated

Sand art

And we acquired this beautiful drum carving from Friddy Roromal of Fanla Village. He is 34 years old.

We also purchased this carving from Friddy

Jeremy selected this carving

Tom and the village Chief

The pig with one tusk

Heading back down the trail

Major Wager awaits

It's been a long day

But Mitch still has the energy to water ski!