More Vanuatu Photos - May 2009

Put Steve on the Sports Page of the Des Moines Register - Yahoo Wahoo!

First Mate Jeremy

Going Fishing!

Forget the Ranch - it's fishing time!

Life is good!

The Wagerettes

Tater and Deano

Fishing Babes!

Tough Guy!

We visited this village to watch Land Diving - the only place it is done in the world.

Log into UTube - Land Diving. There is a video. Men dive from the platform with vines tied to their ankles.

They land head first in this dirt patch

The villagers sing and chant

The women dance

A Mother prays

They DIVE!

The vines stop them just as they hit the ground

Another diver


Tammy and the kids

When Queen Elizabeth visited a diver died - but she never knew!

Our Host - Harold

Meanwhile - back fishing

Steve lands a Wahoo!

Emma connects to a Wahoo

Tom gives a rod and reel to a local fisherman

He is speechless

Jelly Fish collect at the back of the boat - attracted by the underwater lights

Thursday morning we motored to a beautiful bay. The first visitors in a year and a half.

The village was clean and tidy

Woody the Chief welcomed us and Molly presented him with two large Red Snapper she caught earlier this afternoon

The village church

The village chickens

Their homes

There are 135 villagers

Rotary and the Gates Foundation gave the villagers mosquito nets

The tide went out so we had to wade to the tender