Daily Ramblings - March 29, 2009

It’s been an incredible three months.  We departed Major Wager the end of December in Papua New Guinea after a delightful holiday with our kids.  The boat repositioned to Cairns, Australia and spent two months in the yard getting everything fine tuned.  The interior was completely upgraded and is magnificent.  This coming week a photographer from Fraser Yachts is joining us to do a complete photo shoot.  By the end of next week we will post them on this site.

Molly and I returned to Iowa to meet our first grandchild, Elinor Sun Mulhern.  Of course, she is gorgeous as you can see from the photos.  Sami and Kelly are great parents and have chosen May 2010 to celebrate their love in marriage at Marble Lake Ranch.

Mid January, Peter Sun flew in from Taiwan for a visit after completing his military service.  He has an MBA from the University of Iowa, speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and English, and is as charming as a person can be...he is seeking a job.  If any of you know of an opportunity in sales, marketing or public relations for a highly talented multi-cultural young man – Peter is a great find!

Molly and I visited Florida to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my Mother.  Dad turned 88 and Mom 86 in March...and they are in fantastic health.  Both are engaged and determined to continue leaving their footprint on the future of America, their passion for peace, objection of nuclear weapons, and belief in alternative medicine as a more natural way to cure human disease.  They are an inspiration to so many.

We also visited RA and Ben and Ciara in Orlando.  The boys are studying, learning and perfecting their skills in videography and music production.

Of course we were delighted to spend time with Jesse, Ren and Bucky.  It is amazing how life focuses in on family and our love for the dreams of our kids.  Jesse is enjoying college in Phoenix,  Bucky is working amazingly hard at his photography, and Ren has returned to New Zealand to visit friends and possibly find a job.

And, I was able to celebrate our – more than a dozen annual  Ski Dudes weeks in Aspen.  With ten best friends we enjoyed our guys week of male bonding.

While all of this was underway, Molly and I decided to start a new business.  It began with the acquisition of the Great Divide Music Store in Aspen on February 7th and quickly grew into a full blown plan to re-launch Bedell Guitars and develop a line of Peace, Love & Rock n’ Roll clothing and accessories.  We won’t be operational until Independence Day – but we have hired Dan Mills, who managed the greatest guitar store in Nashville and Vivian Miller-Rahl, who was the merchandise guru for the start up of Tommy Bahama...AND, Den Stulc to run the business – can you believe that!  So we are off and running – including a new China office managed by Sophia Yang.  Our company is called, Two Old Hippies.

So Molly spent a week in Los Angeles while I went to China.  She is designing 2OH clothing and accessories, I am developing Bedell guitars.  And this brings us up-to-date.  Last night I flew from Hong Kong to Sorong, Indonesia to rejoin Major Wager and Molly flew back to Aspen to work on the store design of our concept store.

It took me five hours to fly from Hong Kong to Jakarta...another six hours inside Indonesia to fly from Jakarta to Sorong.  This is a huge country – the third most populace country on earth.  The Raja Ampat Islands offer some of the best underwater habitat and most diverse fish species found anywhere.

It is Sunday here.  The sunset was magnificent.  The island setting is truly picture book.  Tomorrow we will do two dives in what promises to be the best diving scenery on the planet.

I will keep you posted on our adventures...


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