Poetic Musings from the South Pacific - Vol. I

While fulfilling our dream of retracing Captain James Cook's adventures in the South Pacific, we were joined by friends Pat and Kirk Watson, Lisa and TJ Johnson, Jim Russell and Val Smith, and Hazel Slowey and Martin Murray.  The whimsical poems that follow are the lofty thoughts of these colorful friends who explored Tahiti with us from September 26th through October 3, 2008.
Fair Winds,
Molly and Tom

I'm proud to say I know Mart-u-n,
Who tries to have so much fun.
    Guinness is the drink.
    Too much one canít think.
Help is in the form of Tahiti sun.
- TJ Johnson 06-04-08

There once was a ghillie named Willet,
With a creel as large as a skillet.
He lost his wife Marge,
With intolerant charge,
That he spent all his life trying to fill it!

- JR 07-17-08

If time could stand still in a bottle
My gate would just slow to a waddle
Oh heck with that pace
I'll cut to the chase
T'ward our trip let us crank up the throttle.

- Jim Russell  07-23-08

There's a woman bound for Tahiti
People screwed up her old name,
     called her - Beati
Now she's Bedell
O, what the hell
Let's just all call her Molly

- Kirk Watson  07-24-08

There's a yacht bound for Tahiti
Her stern has written graffiti
Says -- Major Wager
But, do me a favor
I'd say the bet's won
We're all having fun
Planning to meet in Tahiti

Thin moon stripe shimmers

Yacht glides on night diamond sea

Good friends onboard glow
- Kirk Watson 07-26-08

There once were some boys from the sticks
Who started out as pricks
But when the ladies took notice
The men got their focus
And harmony promises to click!

- Tom Bedell  07-26-08

A thought on South Pacific fashion:
 Last night I woke from a dream
of the dudes who had eyes with a gleam
at dudettes being creative
and going quite native
by wearing grass skirts all in green
- Martin Murray 07-31-08

There once were some lads who were crass
Penning poetry they quite forgot their lass
Thus their pens moved in haste
With poetry written in good taste
To efficiently cover their ass
- Molly Bedell 08-02-08

In Tahiti they say every lass
Wears a skirt made all out of grass
What do dudes wear?
I've heard totally bare
Dudettes, might we make a pass?
- Pat Watson 08-04-08

Before we enjoy south pacific rest
We must address the interstate contest.
The Cyclones have risen
The Hawks are in prison
We'll see whom in the end are the best.
- TJ Johnson 08-04-08

In Tahiti the Dudettes wear a sarong
While the Dudes flash a string thong,
They once wore grass
But those days are past,
Now they smoke it out of a bong

- Val Smith 08-04-08

When it comes to holiday packing
(a skill I am seriously lacking)
We should bring this I think
if .. it fits in the case without cracking.
 - Martin / Hazel 9-20-08

On Moorea at sundown hydrating
We listened to music pulsating
But the sight to please eyes
Could almost hypnotise
Was girls with both hips gyrating

- Martin Murray 9-26-08

Can I tell of the day we did sail
With hope to snap humpback whale
Despite our big motor
We couldn't get closer
Just got shots of their back, side and tail
- Martin Murray 9-27-08

Let's all go and forget our woes
And even that fluorescent nose
Let's all do some sailing
And maybe some whaling
So we all can shout 'That She Blows'
- Martin Murray 9-30-08

To Tahiti we came to unwind us
Current world events don't remind us
Politics of despair
Yah - but that's over there
Cause we've left it all far behind us
- JR 9-30-08

The winds were calm at a following sea
Love-Me-Tender passed the test to a "T"
Molly's fish was an art
Martin's turn fell apart
"Give me one more chance!" was his plea

- JR 10-1-08

We’ve found our vacation engaging
While politics at home are still raging
We see what we suffer
With distance the buffer
But for home our plane we are staging

- Jim Russell 10-2-08


Wherever there's hope to excel
A mindful attempt to do well
With conscience and charm
No attempt to disarm
You'll always find Tommy Bedell
- Jim Russell 10-2-08

To Tom and Molly the BEST
Better than all the rest
They get it done
With abundant fun
Weren't we lucky to be their guests?
- Pat Watson 10-2-08

To toast applies to bread
It really needs to be said
We don't want a turn
Sporting a burn
To the shade, with a drink, be lead!
- Pat Watson 10-2-08

Ode to Martin
In his eagerness to cast bait and then land one
The sunscreen he had left far behind him
The sun was quite strong, on rolling seas all day long
He parted Tahiti sporting a nose condom
- Molly Bedell 10-2-08

Footnote:  Martin burned his nose badly on day one and wore

white zinc the entire remainder of the trip

Mauruuru Hoa - Thank You Friends
A cool breeze passed over their faces
A blanket of stars did cover them in the night
They reflected through limericks of the places
These guests who were a perfect delight!
- Molly Bedell 10-2-08

A once in a lifetime in the Pacific
With friends making it terrific
We all had a few
More than a time or two
With signed agreements to not be specific
- Tom Bedell 10-2-08

Unfortunately our week is ending
We all wish it were just beginning
Back to work we must go
How we deal with it? - I don't know
Our minds will be forever reminiscing
- TJ Johnson 10-2-08

In the South Pacific we are aware
That some folks go totally bare
While it's not these ladies intent
I suggest the gents make a dent
And sport their new string fare
- Val Smith 10-2-08

Bora Bora we came to see you today
You provided us fish and coral to play
Cocktails and food tonight
Conversation with friends a delight
No more there is needed to say
- TJ Johnson 10-2-08

Take a moment, no, take an hour
You've got time before you shower
Dinners at seven, cocktails quarter six
Sun's going down, just one more fix

The eve of departure has found me quite lame
As this last day expires my tears have no shame
Senses are loaded with the best of my thoughts
And the depth of my heart in my throat is now caught

Thanks to the captain and crew of the "Wager"
You've treated us all like a family of favor
Tom and Molly you give us so much more than you take
Anyway I speak for all of us, just for our pleasures sake
- JR Russell 10-2-08

Last week we lived in a dream
Gorgeous color and light were the scheme

The whales took our breath away
Went for a swim with shark and ray

Coral reefs and fish to delight
Seemed like no end to fun in sight

Oh the wonderful food to consume
Can we even make more room??

Abundant laughter among friends
Balmy breezes and starlight as day ends

Golden memories for us forever to cherish
Peace love happiness to you - our wish!
- Watson 10-6-08

A story of Cale the Whale
on spotting Major Wager a'sail
Was amused by the Antics
Of the passengers frantics
cos he stood for awhile on his tail
- Martin/Hazel Murray 10-14-08


Tom's gathered a gang whose specific
is to sail down to the south pacific
they'll go to Tahiti
and goa and Fiji
and other places that all sound terrific
- Martin Murray 06-05-08

Will Tom be taking it easia
Will he develop a social amnesia
No - Tom's not the one
to put a blanket on fun
Let's join him and party in Polynesia!
- Martin Murray  07-18-08

We need to hear from big Kirk
And also from young Birk
Martin has spoken
JR gave a token
And so has TJ the jerk

- TJ  07-23-08

The general assembly of F.O.T. (friends of tom)
at musing are having a shot
their A-tempts to rhyme
won't earn them a dime
just a week, on a luxury yacht!
- Martin Murray  07-24-08

Of Molly Bedell there's no doubt
With her organisational clout
She'll use all her skills
To give us some thrills
When we get to the pa-cific sout

- Martin Murray 07-25-08

When after we've wandered the oceans
And discovered exotic love potions
We'll raise up our glasses
To all our fine Lasses
Who'll relish our loving devotions

- Jim Russell 07-26-08

Talent galore y'all got
Clearly a poet I'm not
I'm perfectly willin'

On de boat be chillin'
Dudes, poetry tis your lot!
- a Dudette 07-27-08

My thoughts on fashion:
On buying a skirt to hide tum
Correct fitting just has to be done
what size do I ask
when buying in grass
to adequately cover my bum!!
- Hazel Slowey 07-31-08

Tony Horwitz's travel book's neat
His writing is really a treat
His text is exotic
Even sometimes erotic!
We'll find out, when we get to Papeete
- Martin Murray 08-04-08

As for a response to your query,
At dressing each day I'll not tarry.
But no such full view
Of my lean lank sinew.......
You'll have to imagine me bare-y!

- Jim Russell 08-04-08

Looks like everyone's writing a ditty
And I'm straining my brain to be witty

As for dressing in grass
Will it cover the _ _ _?
For that scenery'd never be pretty!
- Lisa Johnson 08-04-08

We are headed off to the Tahities
To holiday with our sweeties
Over the Pacific we’ll cross
Our socks we will doff
And, in water dip our feeties
- Kirk Watson 09-16-08

The Bedells, who have served to unite us,
Bought the boat, hired the crew to provide us,
The wonder and dreams of exotic extremes,
From our bounds you have freed and untied us.
- Jim Russell 9-23-08

The question of whether to doo
A tattoo on some part of you
of what and on where
and with whom I will share
And to who will it cause a to do

- Martin Murray 9-28-08

A cautionary tale of a dude
Who went out one night to get stewed
While taking some potion
He came up with a notion
And woke up the next morn tattoo'd

- Martin Murray 9-28-08

There once was a man named Murray
Who absolutely was in no hurry
We all forgot
And left him for not
And off to whale watching did scurry
- Tom Bedell 09-30-08

The goal of the trip was specific
Catch a fish in the warm South Pacific
The ladies cast in
And came up with a fin
For the gents the result was horrific!

- Lisa 10-1-08

Good times of our lives are reflected
In the smiles on the faces of friends
Treasures that can't be neglected
Will follow us all to the end


We fail and we prosper together
And take turns at the helm of the ship
The storms we collectively weather
All serve to embolden our grip.


When we exit this vessel of bounty
And sign off at the close of this float
The return to our own special county
Will give rise to time spent on the boat.


We'll cherish these memories forever
They'll remain though the moments have passed

Reality's footprint whenever
Indelibly etched in the cast.

-JR 9-30-08

Oh isn't it quite delish
Only girls have gotten their wish
Oh the poor boys
They've made so much noise
And haven't caught even one fish
- Pat Watson 10-2-08

Ode to Blue
Rejoice, for everywhere blue
Every color, every hue
Cobalt and aquamarine
Sapphire, turquoise, azure are seen
Color and light from sky and see - what a view!
- Pat Watson 10-2-08

Paradise Found
It was the adventures of one Captain Cook
And the inspiration of Blue Latitudes, a book
With Captain Walter and crew
A magical journey we would brew
Returning home received nary a look
- Molly Bedell 10-2-08

There once was a man who liked beer
Who posed as no one to fear
But when the hot sun meter
He wore his wife beater
And Hinano which he holds dear
- Tom Bedell 10-2-08

One evening over dinner we lurked
Till sated we sat with a smirk
Next day Hazel spotted a tail
Martin declared, "Christ, it's a whale"
Pat said, "Wait it's only Kirk"
- Kirk Watson 10-2-08

Martin and Hazel have a great attitude
TJ and Lisa have the most latitude
Jim and Val love top deck
Kirk and Pat just neck
Tom and Molly deserve utmost gratitude
- TJ Johnson 10-2-08

As we travel the blue South Pacific
The scenery is really prolific
The food and the drink
And the company I think
Are top notch an oh so terrific
- Lisa Johnson 10-2-08

A week on the water
We've had more than we oughter
More relaxed and rotund we've become
Now should ever we wonder
Just what's happening down under
We'll log in to check in on the fun
- Lisa Johnson 10-2-08

We talked of the perils of tattoo
and when whaling we all yelled Yahoo
and of course I was wishing
That when we went fishing
We'd come back with a great big Wahoo
-Martin Murray 10-3-08


We have spent a week on the sea
And visited Islands three
We've snorkled and swum
Had fun and filled tum
Sadly now it's our time to flee
-Hazel Murray 10-3-08

The Order of the Pink Flou Thong
You've heard of Trojans so strong
Of Romans who all went so wrong
but of all of the creeds
there's none to match deeds
of the men of the pink flou thong
- Martin Murray 10-9-08


The Fish that Wasn't:
Of fish and fishing I'm afred,
That tales get better than said,
But I ask you "don't doubt"
What I caught a last time out
First a Turkey, then a fish head!!
- Martin Murray 10-14-08

South Pacific Blues:
Can't forget those S Pacific views
With their exquisite colours and hues
Thru my memories still sifting
Still find them uplifting
The purples reds yellows and vibrant blues
-Martin/Hazel Murray 10-21-08