Tahiti September 16 - October 3, 2008

InterContinental Beachcomber Hotel

Tom getting a

buzz cut

Arriving in the Tuamotu Islands and joining the boat

Major Wager

Tate's First Fish

Tom fishing in

the Tuamotu's

The Yamaha dealer in Rangiroa

Map of Rangiroa


This is Cam, our fishing guide and coach

Master Chef Martha caught the largest shark

Fishing guide and crew member Cam with a shark caught off the back boat deck

Black Pearl Oyster Farm at Fakarava

Our arrival in Moorea, Wednesday, Sept. 24th

Returning from the

Flower Market

Mr. Blanc, the head of tourism for Moorea, our tour guide and host

Moorea is surrounded by a coral reef, then the sea drops off to 10,000 feet deep

Major Wager in

Opunohu Bay

The break in the reef where we entered Opunohu Bay

Growing Pineapples


Molly B

Molly's photography

Together in Paradise

Visiting an agricultural station

Moorea wildlife

Tahitian hog lot

Small birds on remote island in Moorea

Friends Val Smith

and JR Russell

Hazel Slowey and Martin Murray join us from Ireland

Friends Lisa and TJ Johnson

Moorean sun protection

We swam with stingrays

TJ befriends a stingray

Molly with a stingray

Sharks circling as we swim with the stingrays

Swimming with the shark

Swimming with the stingrays

Jeremy photographing

the shark

Another shark

Swimming with the stingrays and blacktip sharks


Lowering the listening device for humpbacks

Listening to the male mating call

It's humpback whale mating season!

Friday night luau

Tahitian Orchestra

Our Captain Walter Rowan

Tom with his favorite

hulla partner

Kite surfing in Moorea

Kit surfing in Moorea

TJ's new toy

Martin and Hazel

Pilot Whales greeting us as we approach Huahine

Arriving in Huahine

Tropical Fish at Pearl Farm

Wood Duck

Local bus hut in Huahine, pop. 7,500

Ceremonial Chair

Ceremony of Sacrifice

Mango Tree

Giant Mango Tree

Daily Baguette Delivery

Unicorn Fish

Sampling of local liquers

Our adventure companions in Huahine, less JR

Sacred worship site before the missionaries wiped out the traditional culture

Sacred blue eyed

eels in Huahine

Hazel's first ever

saltwater fish catch

Huahine is a beautiful unspoiled island

Molly captured a humpback breaching in the bay just near our anchored boat at Bora Bora

It completely cleared the water - amazing!

It was quite a show!

It was quite a show!

And the dolphin joined

in the fun

Poor Martin, failing to catch a fish all week. We surprised him with a frozen turkey at the end of his line!

Pretending Captain Cook

Obviously French,

the local market

Touring Bora Bora

by helicopter

Val gave the boys speedos

Val's first fish

Pat's first fish

Departing - final group shot

The Major Wager

Captain and Crew

The group's "Message

in a Bottle" delivered

to the sea

My long time Bora Bora fishing buddy, Keith Olson and wife Diana

Molly's first fish