Tahiti October 5-11, 2008

Helicopter tour of Bora Bora reef...Michelle Goodenow's first heli ride

Bora Bora Reef

Local Tahitian Art

Tahaa Vanilla Plantation tour top of the mountain

We have 3 tenders to Major Wager. This is "Love Me Tender." Others are "Bar Tender" and "Tender Tot."

Week 2 Group Photo

Peace in Tahaa

Steve and Michelle Goodenow, Mary and Loren Ryerson, Donna and John Weiss joined us in Bora Bora

Lift off in Bora Bora

Wall of Fame at Bloody Mary's Restaurant

Bloody Mary's Famous Guests

John and Donna's 20th Anniversary

Steve and Michelle in

relax mode

Loren and Mary

Drying coconut

to make oil

Vanilla bean plants


Cacao plant

Then tender and

crew member hired

on in Raitea

Bosun Cameron wakeboarding in Tahaa

Hei Mau teaching us subsistence living

John and Donna celebrating their 20th anniversary

Wakeboarding in the bay

Captain Cook wanna be landing at the beach

Arriving for a night of song, dance and feasting

Life is Good!

Carine coordinated all of our Tahitian activities. "Thank you!"

Wearing the pareo

Native Dance

The fire dance

Our Captain

never gives up!

Donna, Steve, Mary and Loren all take a turn water skiing

Life is good in Tahiti!

Farewell photo - it was a great week together

Golfing at Moorea's

Green Pearl Golf Course - designed by Jack Nicklaus

It is an incredible course

Dining with our new friends, Nani and Heifava

After a month of seafood we craved Mexican. We found the only Mexican restaurant in Papeete - El Ranchero

To get from Tahiti to Tonga we had to transfer through Auckland. A wake up call of traffic and city life!