Tonga October 29 - November 8, 2008

Jeremy doing the safety briefing

Andy brought us water guns!

Walter being kidnapped on his birthday

"Happy Birthday Walter!"


Bruce and Gusta

Molly, Rebecca, John and Andy

Dancing for Walter




Amazing coral and fish

Swimming with a sea turtle

Sundowners off the Princess's Deck

Bruce playing spoons with the band

Captain on auto pilot - during whale watching

Looking for a mother and calf

Molly as Sarah Palin





Our crew

Nurse Jeremy with her carved watermelon

Mark's carved watermelon

Saturday morning as we depart for fishing

Fish on!

Serious. John

A Yellow Fin

Bruce lands another

And another...

Getting ready for Marlin

Saturday evening at Allen and Lynn's island

The Kava Bowl

Mixing Kava

The band after several cups of Kava

Cam giving it a go

Tonga feast

Eating with our fingers with a banana trunk for a plate

And, of course, dancing

Everyone went diving!

Relaxing after a dive

Bruce and John

Molly coaching Rebecca

Rebecca lands a

Yellow Fin

Andy's got one on

Andy catches a Skippy

Gusta catches a

Yellow Fin

Bruce telling his "Big Mouth Frog" joke

Drizzling flower pedals

Andy and Rebecca



Cam and Kate

Cam, Kate and Jana




Performing for Molly

Hold on

Alive and well in Tonga

The Wagerettes

Jeff, Matthew, Walter, Jeremy and in front, Grey

Matthew and his wife

Gabby and her friend visiting with Mark

The band putting on Peace Adventure T-shirts

The String Band sat on the top deck and sang beautiful music throughout the evening

Matthew sang along

Brian danced

Brian danced and danced

The banjo player is incredible

Cam and Derek performed the warm dance for New Zealand's ALL BLACK rugby team

Kate having fun

Our special friends, Cindy and Nigel

Molly and Cindy designed Major Wager T-shirts with a local artist. And they shared election night with us.