Daily Ramblings - August 22, 2009


August 22, 2009 - We arrived in Ketchikan, Alaska on Wednesday evening...a funky little fishing village positioned on the side of a mountain and on stilts in the sea.  What a treat to be greeted by our crew and settle back in on Major Wager.  Indulging 10 days in the Inland Passage, we will be joined by son, RA; daughter and grandgirl, Sami and Ellie;  Molly’s parents, Art and Gail; and Tom’s parents, Berk and Elinor.

The spectacular scenery is punctuated with sightings of Bald and Golden Eagles, the occasional whale spout, and loads of salmon.  And, so far, rain.

A highlight was Fridays adventure to the mouth of a creek filled with spawning pinks.  Not realizing how quickly the outward tides descended, we promptly became marooned on the gravel river bottom.  After commissioning two other crew members to come help us push back into the stream we abandoned the tender, planning to return at night during the higher tide.

Well, at 10:30 the fog had settled in and bear were shore side feasting on the salmon.  The crew heard a bear charge their boat and through the thick fog, saw the water splashing.  A quick retreat postponed the rescue until first light this morning. Our predominately Australian and New Zealand crew, having never experienced Alaska are finding it quite an adventure.

We are off to a hot springs on Baranof Island.

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