Daily Ramblings - August 29, 2009


August 29, 2009 -

It is our folks 66th wedding anniversary.

One of the burdens of visiting Alaska is the enormity and grandeur of it all.  It dwarfs so much of the rest of the world.  Magnificent in scenery and abundant in wildlife.

We have been awed by it all while finding disappointment in the weather – it has rained non-stop.

One morning we jigged for halibut.  Dad brought up a beautiful 60 pound fish.  What a work out!  That afternoon we hiked up river to a picture postcard waterfall.  Wading to it’s base we found a pool filled with anxious salmon.  Cast after cast we enjoyed the catching as much as the fishing.  What a treat.

Little Ellie is an amazing grandgirl.  So happy.  Delighted with everyone around her.  Her first word was RA RA – her Uncle.  And Tom helped her with her first steps.  Molly taught her to play the piano.  She is indeed a miracle child!  It has been so delightful to have Sami and Ellie with us.

This is the most time we have been able to spend with Art and Gail.  What a pleasure.  They are so positive and easy to travel with.

And Berk and Elinor have been entertaining as well.  Their vigor and insight are more than an inspiration – they are hard to keep up with!

And, of course, RA is always ready for a fishing outing and filming opportunity.  

It has been  good family fun.  It happens to rarely – and greatly appreciated!

Molly and Tom

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