Daily Ramblings - Sunday, September 20th

So how do you summarize a week at Baranov Island with five pals?  I grew up with three of them – diapers to wheelchairs.  The other two and I fought together for 25 years for recreational fisheries policies at federal and state levels.  With each of them I have shared their families and lives, the ups and adjustments to living, the dreams and possibilities of our aspirations...life!

Oftentimes it is the unspoken that speaks the loudest.  The time side-by-side in a stream casting for Silvers or sharing the kitchen counter in preparation of a meal.  Listening to the celebration of a family moment story, relishing in the pleasures of each person’s life.

And the grandeur of Alaska...the steep peaks, countless waterfalls, and eco system dependent on the salmon. From the rains that fill the rivers and invite the salmon into spawn, to the bears that feast on the terminal fish, the sea birds that delight in their eyeballs and the eagles that prefer the fresher fish challenging the current as they rush up stream to spawn...Alaska habitat relies on the returning salmon.

Of course, all trips carry special memories.

We have delighted in this entire environment.  Our two mile trek through the rain forest seeking a gravel bar and the excitement of Rainbows and Dolly Varden was the most challenging shared adventure.  The smell of bear all about us as we passed foot prints in the mud and recently devoured salmon carcasses.  The purging of the underbrush and climbing over and under fallen trees.  The mud. It was physically and emotionally challenging. And we never found an approachable gravel bar due to the surging river for the rains.

The struggle to retrieve halibut from 200 feet beneath the surface – just to find all three anglers were tangled and they were fighting each other with their tug of war – just like a set up video game match! What a fun laugh.

The dinner we cooked for the crew was a hoot!

And the day at Misty Cove catching Silver after Silver.

And the boat and crew have been magnificent.  The service, never taken for granted, but so appreciated.  Deano’s food has been extraordinary.  Steve’s attentiveness on outings.  Tammy’s massages.  Tracy’s attention to every little detail. The hot towels, fresh laundry, made beds and special drinks of the day are uncommon in our regular lives – so fun to indulge during this special week.

A week to remember and cherish always.  Thanks for giving me a week of your lives, Mike, Mike, Geoff, Dewski and Gary.  It will always be special to me.


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